Available To Work

Progressive contract recruitment made simple. Smaller job adverts; contractors who are available and tagged searching make for easier project matching.


Understand | Architect | Craft

Modern contractor recruitment is still too slow and painful. Not only for the business but for the end contractors who are available.

Available for Work wants to disrupt this industry by tackling the requirements, profiles and availability of the talent.

UNDERSTAND: What does the business need the contractor for?

Briefs are usually over complicated for contract work, we simply need to understand the skills and experience required to fulfill the tasks. Our tagged approach simplifies this for all parties.

ARCHITECT: We will assist in the project brief. Craft the skills and experience required and then post the advert.

Our algorithms will then locate the contractors who are available and ready to complete the project.

CRAFT: Our vetted contractors will undertake the projects from their remote location at their desired day rates.

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